Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hunting For Treasures

Some how I always find the perfect hunt when it comes to treasures of Art and or Collectibles.

 On a recent trip to London...We truly found some treasures.  My sister and I were staying across the street from Sotheby's.  We were running to watch a Wimbledon match and decided to poke our head in to Sotheby's.  Well we happened upon a TREASURE FOR SURE!!!!!

These were things that we could only look at and be in awe..

Sotheby's London Impressionist
Amedeo Modigliani
Jeanne Hebuterne (AU FOULARD)
Sold for
38,509,000 GBP

Pablo Picasso
Femme Assise
Lot Sold 43,269000 GBP

Click on the Sotheys link above and you can see the entire evening sale....

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