Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's Still Toasty!!!!

No Flea Markets or Garage Sales!!!

We decided to deal with the heat and we stayed home!!!!
Ahhhhhhh!!!! Where is Fall?????


Friday, July 29, 2011

T G I F......T G I F!!!!!!

Lauren Moshi Dreamcatcher tote

It's Friday so You know what to do!!!!

Get your paper out and check out this weekends list of sales in your local paper or
start planning on heading to your local flea market.  

After you figure out "Your Plan" .....Start thinking about essentials....
What to take and what to wear!!!

Carry a cool tote!!!!  It's the thing to carry Eco friendly totes and hey You look cute too!!!

Eco Designer totes
LL Bean Tote
Lauren Moshi Selena Heart Dreamcatcher Tote

Now the Look.....Cool and Comfy!!!
Go to Gap or Forever 21 and grab some cool and chic looks.

Brooklyn Flea Market......wanna go on a future NYC trip

Paris Flea Market.......I wish I were in Paris!!!!

Think we will head to Canton, Texas for first Monday Trade Days.....Its a hot one but Fun!!

Hey, You never know what u will find!!!
Have a Good weekend!!!  

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Dreaming

One of my projects that I'm working on is a bedroom.  

This is a picture of it now....I should've taken pic with the shutters open but......On the other side of these windows to the east is a beautiful court yard.  There is a set of windows on the other side of those lamps that look out at a beautiful pond.  I want the bedroom to be calming and not fussy....using very minimal color.....I have been using a blue paint for a few projects...A good friend shared it with me a few years ago and I just can't do a house without it....  

I ran across these pictures on a blog House of Turquoise. I loved the black trim with the blue color.  The room has an elegant punch!!  I'm a bit gun shy of painting the trim black especially since the current room has beautiful off white plantation shutters.   

So, I'm going to improvise a bit and try to get this same look.  I've decided to paint the room the soft blue and use a Ralph Lauren Black 4 Poster bed and accessorize very simply with creams, beige, and soft blue......I'm thinking I may paint the master bath the same soft blue.....

I'll keep you posted on this room as it progresses!!!  I'm so excited!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Somethings on The Stove

I've got such a new project on the stove....I have been decorating in my head at night for weeks...... I can't wait to get them all started and to share with you!!!
Have a Super Day!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Very Important!!

Gotta have the Shades!!! Its just part of getting dressed!!  I personally think that Glasses are the most important accessory during day.  Don't get me wrong.....I love a fab watch 


Glasses....Well they are just Chic!!!!

She is notorious for her glasses...
Anna Wintour on cover of Wall Street Journal Magazine

The Row for Linda Farrow

Nicole Richie Sunglasses

Tom in Risky Business....I can hear him saying
"Porsche, there is no substitute" for Saks

Olivia Palermo by Phill Taylor

JFK in Ray Ban Wayfarers

Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan

Jackie O


The Row Sunglasses

Monday, July 25, 2011


I have loved Gwyneth Paltrow's Style for some time.  She is a classic beauty.  It seems to be effortless and timeless.  She is an American gem with so much talent and class.  I first fell in love with her style when she acted in Great Expectations, The Royal Tenenbaums and definitely loved her clothes and jewelry in  A Perfect Murder.  She is a mother and the wife of the amazing Chris Martin of Cold Play, an Author of a couple of books and The writer of the blog  

At a Book Signing

Jeans and A white t-shirt
The cute family

She also extends her easy style into her homes.  Each space is a lovely classic style!

Dining Room in Tribeca

Kitchen in Tribeca

Eating area in her Tribeca Kitchen

Gwyneth's daughter Apple's bedroom
The Hampton's kitchen

The Hampton's dining room

Simple bathroom


Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Getting Hot In Here

When is the temperature gonna break??????

Maybe these pics will cool you off!!!

Hurry before they melt!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Saturday!!!!

You Know What That Means!!!!

You never know what you will find!!

Remember to Ask....."Is this your best price??"
OR MAKE AN OFFER!!! if they so no... then walk away.....Usually you get it.... 

Good Luck!!
And Have FUN!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


I've got a new project....It's all in the planning stages 
Keeping me up at night decorating in my HEAD.....
One of the projects is a Master Closet and Bath....Its a bit dated and needs a little TLC.  The large closet has a darling little dressing table built in it.  I think it could just become adorable with maybe painting the desk a pretty shade....Of course a pretty little mirror.  More than anything make it a personal cozy place to get dressed....

I love all these pictures stuck in the mirror.  Reminds me of my grandmothers mirror with all the grandchildren.

Tory Burch's dressing room...I love her vanity with all the mirrors and pics

Katie Lee Joel's dressing room